Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I’ve been reading another book in a series by a favored author and during some sleepless early morning hours I lay musing over why I like her writing style so much. It was then the lightbulb turned on brighter than usual and I realized it’s partly because her characters have repetitious traits that remain constant. “Ah, ha!” to quote her main character! And I am a person who is extremely resistant to change!
As I thought a bit more deeply I realized those are the exact traits that made children’s stories so appealing to me…I always asked Mamma to read the same one or two stories every night, never wavering to the right or to the left.
In a world that changes daily those stories and characters were always constant, never changing, dependable. Today as I read and follow the antics of these particular people, the same holds true of their traits:
always constant, never changing, dependable.
Summed up in a word:
©Marilyn Sue (Libby)Moore July 30, 2008