Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This morning I thought I was awake but I must have been in a state between awake and asleep because when I did wake I realized I had just had a vision of an absolutely beautiful carousel with lots of gold filigree. It wasn’t particularly large so I think it must have been an ornamental one and why I would have seen such I have no idea except I am partial to pastel carousel horses, particularly if they have pearly paint and prancing poses!
Once I was really up I wondered why that image was so clearly imprinted on my mind that it lingered in memory far longer than most dreams or visions of that kind. Most seem to be passing moments, brief then gone forever from my thoughts. I decided it might have something to consider in regard to life.
I led a pretty sheltered life as a little girl. I lived in a small village community and seldom traveled further than 15-20 miles from there. As I grew a bit older, there were times when our family went to the city of Bangor and the surrounding areas. By the time I was ten we had moved to Bangor and there was an amusement park outside the city where there was a merry-go-round. Ten years old in 1949 was not as mature for me as ten years old is for my grandson in 2008. I was still very much a child and when given the opportunity to ride the pretty carousel horses I was afraid! Instead, I rode the bench seats every time while wishing I were brave enough to get on the horses for the full enjoyment of the ride.
As these thoughts wandered through my memories this morning I decided this was a good lesson about life. We are given opportunities that some take as the joys of life as does my grandson with any ride he can get on at any amusement park he can get to! Others see fearsome challenges as I did the riding of those very simple carousel horses. I can look back now and see the senseless fear held by the little girl sitting on the bench not getting the full enjoyment of the ride when I had the opportunity, while at the same time I see my grandson giving life all he has to give and getting so much out of it!
If I had taken advantage of the opportunity to tell my parents of my fear and why, I am sure they would have helped me work through it; I would have gained confidence and maturity along with the enjoyment that would have served me well in many follow-on areas in my life. Coming right down to it, the lesson is that this is how we, God’s children, need to be with Him: to talk with Him about our fears, not hesitating because of some childish, immature embarrassment (He knows anyway!), and let Him help us work through the insecurities knowing that “I can do all things through Him Who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13 NASB)
Try it and enjoy the ride. It will be the best of your life!
© Marilyn Sue (Libby) Moore 3-5-08

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