Saturday, July 4, 2009


I like to laugh, not exactly like the character Ed Wynn played in Mary Poppins, but a bubbling from way down deep belly laugh is good for the whole self sometimes.
Laughter at his antics is a good part what caught my attention to a particular classmate all those years ago when we were in high school and that man is now my husband John. That alone should prove the point that laughter is good for a person!
Laughter shared is truly doubled. While sitting at our dining table last evening I had an opportunity to share some laughter. Usually my husband is the one who makes people laugh and this time I had the fun! Somehow we started discussing the importance of letting companies know when their products are not satisfactory so I told of the time recently when John decided to call a toilet tissue company to tell them that their toilet tissue didn’t tear straight. I wasn’t privy (pun intended) to their conversation but he later related to me that they carefully explained that they knew exactly what the problem was, that the batch had gotten through when the blades were so dust-laden that they weren’t properly punching the holes, therefore causing the malfunctioning tear-off portions of the papers! Well now we had the answer!
While going through all this explanation with our family members I told them that all these years John had been blaming me for the inability to tear the toilet tissue evenly and finally we have learned that it is not my fault after all! It is simply malfunctioning equipment at the factory! We laughed and laughed and that shared laughter felt good! We even chuckled a bit more as John explained that his call did earn him a coupon worth up to $14.00 off one double roll package of his favorite brand of toilet tissue and the biggest I could find was worth only $6.97!
Proverbs17:22 tells us that “A merry heart does good, like medicine…” Isn’t it great to know that God has created us to have such fun and that it is good for us besides?
© Marilyn Sue (Libby) Moore 7-4-09

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