Tuesday, August 4, 2009


My guess is that most of you reading this message have a list of e-mail addresses that is not just a list of names. A few of the addresses are for companies but the majority of names represent individuals. The names in my e-address book represent those people who are family members, friends, and some people I have not met in person but whose paths have crossed mine somewhere along the way.
Most of the time when I sit down to send a message, as I look at each individual name, something akin to the good endorphins that come about with laughter appears to occur. Perhaps that is because God created me to be a “people person” or a natural-born communicator. People are important to me, not so much as a group but as individuals. It goes against the grain when I have to use a group listing instead of going down through the list one-by-one; however I do make the group listing exception for the purpose of making sure no one is missed on updates for prayers requests or something of a similar nature.
I like my e-address list to be organized alphabetically according to last names but one of my e-mail programs uses first names alphabetically. I can deal with that but it is not the program I use most often, and recently when I was in a hurry I sent a message to my friend Beth instead of my daughter Beth. Immediately upon realizing the error of my haste, I re-sent the message to my daughter and then sent a brief explanation to my friend. Thankfully my family and friends all know me well and my friend probably didn’t even need any explanation.
When I send an e-message I “see” faces and often feel as if I am having a brief but personal visit with each person on whose name my tiny pink ribbon cursor lands. That means that while sitting in my chair in San Angelo, Texas, I get to visit family and friends in Maine, Massachusetts, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, Canada, and of course I make a few stops in several places in Texas as well. There are times when I become so lonesome to visit familiar faces and places that it seems I can hardly stand it, but a few words from, to, and with the people I love, helps tide the tears. So many miles apart, yet so quickly and easily connected with a few clicks of the keys, my cyber family, friends, and me!
“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you…” Philippians 1:3 (ESV)
© Marilyn Sue (Libby) Moore 8-4-09

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