Friday, January 15, 2010


One day I found a feather…
It was so soft and small
From underneath a baby bird
It must have made its fall.

I picked it up and smoothed it out
As I held it against my hand.
I closely studied its numerous barbs
Only the Creator could understand.

Each barb so tiny I could not count,
Nor separate individual “hair,”
Yet each one has a purpose ~
A reason for being there.

Some feathers are for warmth
And some feathers are for flight;
Some feathers provide cover
For the baby birds at night.

So who can make a feather?
And who can plan the needs?
It’s way beyond the human mind
To comprehend these deeds.

Is it so difficult to say that
“God is The Creator!”
And thus admit to self and more,
That there truly is none greater?

I’ve saved that tiny feather…
It is so soft and small;
I “see” God smile as from a baby bird
That feather made its fall.

And landed where I found it
To collect it for my taking…
For memories and reminders of
My Father’s great creating.

©Marilyn Sue (Libby) Moore 1-15-2010

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