Friday, September 12, 2008


Yesterday, 9-11-2008, was a day to remember the fallen of 9-11-2001. How many times did you hear the message reverberate, “We don’t want to forget those who were lost”? The question that came to my mind leading up to that day of remembrance and throughout it is, do we as God’s Children remember the fallen simply as snuffed-out lives (which is certainly great loss) or do we recognize them as eternal-bound souls?
Years ago a Korean Air Liner went down and what I witnessed on TV has stayed with me as an example of what grief with no hope is. The television showed mourners bowed down to the ground wailing in the deepest sorrow I have ever seen or heard before or since. It was almost a physical force that struck me with the sad realization of their seeming to not know God nor the power of the resurrection! At that moment the souls of those on board the downed aircraft came to my mind and I realized those souls should have been my first thought!
The point is that we as Christians seem to let the world dictate that the emphasis lie on physical life which, while of great importance, is simply a means of transporting our souls to eternity. The sooner we get that image implanted in our minds the more likely we will be to realize the importance of remembering that there is a great day coming* and not only do we need our souls to be ready but we also need to be doing all we can to help our families, friends, and neighbors ready their souls as well!
Is it a day you will remember?
© Marilyn Sue Moore 9-12-2008
*I Thessalonians 4:13-18

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