Monday, February 18, 2008


Yesterday morning we were studying about Jesus’ feeding of five-thousand men plus women and children from Matthew 14:13-21 in our Bible Study. The teacher said, “If that happened today it’d have to get your attention.” I wonder…
In 1964 when our three children were young we were blessed to live next door to an elderly couple who had never had children but loved little ones dearly. Their names were Alice and Jack but she was affectionately referred to as “Bunky” so our children were allowed to call them Bunky and Jack. It was like having built-in grandparents living right beside us and our discussions during our times together were much like that of family.
One memorable occasion that stands out among many was the day when discussion of space travel came up and Bunky declared, “Oh, those Hollywood movie men are just making those pictures to fool us, making up those pictures on a movie stage somewhere, not real at all!” What she had seen, she had not believed. Granted, she had not seen Freedom 7 in person but television coverage provided ample opportunity of believable footage. Would seeing Freedom 7 at the Space Museum in Washington, D.C. have convinced her? Perhaps. Perhaps not. She was not ready to believe what she saw.
There are times when we see things occur when we say, “I can’t believe my eyes!” although we know we really saw what we saw! Truly amazing things happen every day, some of which we ignore and take for granted. For example, have we noticed the newly opening leaves on the trees here in our city this past week or the fact that daylight comes to greet each morning and night closes each day? Do those things get our attention?
In order to get our attention do we actually have to see Jesus feed the five-thousand men plus the women and children or are we like Bunky when she truly believed the movie producers were making up things to fool us? What does it take to get our attention?
“So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.”
(Romans 10:17 NASB)
© Marilyn Sue (Libby) Moore 2-18-08

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